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Square Dancing

What is Square Dancing

Square dancing is a social activity where eight people form a square with two people on each side, then dance a series of movements as “called” by a square dance caller.

Square dancing is just walking to music.  As you move, you are prompted by the caller as to what the next move will be, so listening carefully is important.

It is a healthy, recreational, fun activity.

In modern square dance lessons the dancers learn a series of moves starting with simple steps.  As dancers gain experience they learn more moves.

At an actual dance the dancers will know the individual moves but will not know the order they will be called.

Many different types of music are used for square dancing.

Square Dancing Examples
You want to become more physically active,
or maybe you want to spend more time with your partner?

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern square dancing is a world wide activity. Square dance calls are standardized and are called in English around the world.  Once dancers have learned the calls, they can dance at any club or dance event anywhere.

In modern square dancing moves are divided into levels of increasing complexity. Most dancers learn a set number of calls in their first year of lessons. Once dancers have mastered these moves there are other levels of square dancing that they can move to if they choose. Many choose to stay where they are after the first year, and attend dances and other social activities within the square dance community.

Traditionally it was western songs but today it’s anything with a steady beat.

Dancing is done to a variety of music genres such as classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk, country, etc…

New dancers join a dance class in their area and while enjoying an evening of fun they are being taught the movements by the caller. 

During a dance dancers are prompted through a sequence of moves by the caller.  A square dance set or “tip” usually consists of a “patter call” where the caller uses only square dance calls and a “singing call’ where the commands are combined with the words of a song.  Usually all of the dancers move together.

The basic unit in square dancing is the local club. Clubs vary in size from eight to eighty or more members. Clubs are usually affiliated with an association which covers a geographical area called a “zone”.  There are six active associations in Alberta. Associations are part of a federation which in Alberta is called the Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation.

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The dance season usually runs from September through to May.