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Round Dancing

What is Round Dancing

Choreographed Ballroom Dancing

Round dancing is ballroom dancing but with a twist.  Individual dance steps or figures are taught, such as two-step or waltz.  The dance instructor or “cuer” arranges the figures into a dance and announces each step just before the dancer carries them out.  In this way dancers do not need to memorize sequences and partners do not need to take the lead or follow. Some say this is an easier and less stressful introduction to couple dancing.

Round dancing got its name because couples form a large circle around the dance floor. As they dance they progress around the circle in the same direction to prevent collisions with other dancers.

It is a fun, social, non-competitive activity.

Round Dancing Example

You want to become more physically active,
or maybe you want to spend more time with your partner?

Frequently Asked Questions

What names are used for Round Dancing?

An alternate name for round dance has become Choreographed Ballroom or Choreographed Social Dancing.  Round dancing looks like social or ballroom dancing since the dance rhythms and movements are the same.

What kind of dances are included in Round Dancing?

Dances include the two-step, waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, jive, cha cha, rumba and more.

Who are Choreographers?

Choreographers – usually experienced round dance instructors – choose dance rhythms and figures to fit a selection of music.  Dancers find this helps the dances flow better.

What role does a Cuer have?

A Cuer announces each figure as the music progresses.  In this way the gentleman is freed from predetermining (and the lady from guessing) each figure throughout the dance. Instead both partners are able to focus on performing the figures as announced.

What else is there to know about round dancing?

Like square dancing round dancing is a worldwide activity.  The figures are standardized and are called in English around the world.


In round dancing the figures are divided into “phases” or levels from beginners to Phase VI.

What are round dancing clubs?

The basic unit in round dancing is the local club.  Clubs are usually affiliated with an association which covers a geographical area called a “zone”.  There are six active associations in Alberta.  Associations are part of a federation which in Alberta is called the Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation.

Many square dance clubs incorporate round dancing into their dance evenings.  It is seen as a complementary dance form where couple can have a break from their squares to enjoy a few moments of dancing together.

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The dance season usually runs from September through to May.