Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton Areas

Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton Areas


Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation (ASRDF)  https://squaredance.ab.ca

Community Dance Capital District (CDCDA – Edmonton)  https://www.communitydance.net
Promenader Online  https://www.communitydance.org/category/promenader/

Calgary & District Square & Round Dancers Association (C & D) https://www.squaredancecalgary.com

Red Deer Square Dance Club  https://www.reddeersquaredancingclub.com

Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS)  https://csrds.ca
Email: info@squaredance.ca     Email: dan.roy1950@gmail.com

BC Square & Round Dance Federation  https://squaredance.bc.ca

Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation https://sksquaredance.com

Manitoba Square & Round Dance Federation  http://squaredancemb.com

Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation  https://squaredance.on.ca

Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick  http://squaredancenb.ca

Square & Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Culture/SRDFNS/index.html

Grace and James Chen of Calgary regularly send out updates of events in Calgary and District, and other dances, and publish photo albums of many square dance events.  Email them at shuhsiu@hotmail.com to be added to their distribution list.

Wally Wychopen of Edmonton, a long time dancer and videographer, produces square dance and old time dance videos, some historical and some current, on his YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/musicjamvideo/playlists.  Email him at wallywychopen3@gmail.com to be added to his distribution list.

For new dancers and experienced dancers – here is a link to online videos featuring all the Mainstream moves and all of the Plus moves – https://videosquaredancelessons.com/lessons/#mainstream .

Taminations – this is another good page to review dance moves.  There is also a mobile phone app –

Where’s the Dancehttps://wheresthedance.com – is a locator for square dances and clubs all over the world.  Check it out if you want to dance while travelling.