Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton Areas

Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton Areas

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Square Dancing

Round Dancing

Choreographed Ballroom Dancing

All New Dancers are Welcome!
Live Lively!

Take up square dancing, round dancing, and/or clogging for fun, fitness, and friendship.
A joyful activity for all people, singles and couples of all ages.  No partners needed.

The Many Benefits of Dancing
happy couple dancing Calgary and Edmonton

Dancing is an enjoyable way to stay fit and be more active.

It improves your overall mental health.

It helps with weight management.

A great way to meet new friends.

It improves your muscle tone, coordination and flexibility.

Low cost to participate.

What Dancers are Saying
Where can You Join?

Alberta Square and Round Dancing Federation (ASRDF) is divided into zones or areas.

Currently you can join dance clubs located throughout the province.

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