Brownfield’s Dec 2, 2019 Dance has been cancelled. Please join us for the Christmas Dance on Dec 9, 2019 instead. See poster in Featured Dances.


The Revised CLOVERLEAF 2019-2020 Edition (October 2019) has been posted in the Publications section. Pages applicable to events which occurred prior to this revision have been removed. There have been changes/additions to the following information:

Camrose Schedule now Section 1 Pg 9
Rocky Whirlaways Schedule and Campout now Section 2 Pg 1 & 2
Camrose New Dancers’ Jamboree now Section 2 Pg 7
Radium Mainstream Weekend now Section 2 Pg 12
Western Workshop now Section 2 Pg 15

All these schedules and posters also appear in the appropriate Dance Clubs or Featured Dances section.