The official publication of ASRDF is “SQUARE”ing A”ROUND” ALBERTA, published each year in August, and available free of charge to all dancers, clubs, and associations. Use it as your reference for all dancing in the province. Most clubs have received copies for this year; contact your club executive.

To submit information for next year’s edition, or request additional copies, contact:

Margaret Faas
Mail: 1621 10A St, Wainwright, AB T9W 1K1
Phone: 780-842-3405


The official publication of EDSDA is The Promenader, published in print and online.

Contact the editors:

Rose & Charlie Dalton
Mail: 16604 90 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5R 4X1
Phone: 780-483-9339

The Cloverleaf

The official publication of the Central Zone (CASRDA) is The Cloverleaf, available in print form and online at

To submit information or buy a subscription, contact:

Helen Lowther
Mail: 6501 46 Ave, Camrose, AB T4V 0E6
Phone: 780-672-5669

Square Dance Calgary

The website contains all information about dancing in Calgary. No print edition is available.