Grace & James Chen of Calgary regularly send email updates of events in Calgary & District and other dances, and publish photo albums of many square dance events. Send a note to to be added to their contact list.

Check out this link to their photos of the 2016 National Convention in Regina:!AhlUX5W4uGcfgZ0MyeXiYbL3JuqBGA

Check out this link to their photos of the 49th ASRDF Convention in Edmonton Sep 2-4, 2017:!AhlUX5W4uGcfgc5iDgS1MCT-bwYEPA

Wally Wychopen of Edmonton, a long time dancer and videographer, produces square dance and old time dance videos, some historical, some current, on his YouTube channel. Email him at to be added to his contact list, do a YouTube search for Wally Wychopen, or use this link to his web videos:

Where’s the Dance is a locator for square dances and clubs all over the world. Check out if you want to dance while traveling, or want to advertise your club nationally and internationally.

Are you looking for an opportunity to travel and dance? Consider attending the 59th Australian National Convention Apr 20-23, 2018. Check the website at for the registration form and additional information or contact the secretary, Anthea Matthews at Phone: 0432 611 553

New Dancers: Here’s a link to online videos featuring all the Mainstream movements one by one.

Mainstream Dancers: These videos feature the Plus movements one by one.


mooresStarlite Square & Round Dance Fashions ’95
Beverley & Charles Moore
274 Carragana Cr. NW
Calgary, AB T2L 1B1