Round Dance News

Submitted by Mary & Bruce Nelson

Hi to all, hope you’re all healthy and safe. This is our last Phase II Zoom dance until we resume on August 21, 2020. Great dancing by all and the music was great.

Round Dance, Choreographed Ballroom Dancing, Phase II, Friday August 7, 2020, cued by Mary Nelson. We will resume the Zoom Round Dances starting with Phase II on Friday August 21, Phase III Monday August 24 and Phase IV Tuesday August 25 and will continue until the end of September subject to our schedule. Have fun, enjoy the music and the dances. Please stay safe.

You Raise Me Up II Waltz

We’ll Waltz In Love Tonight II+1 Waltz

Walking All Over My Heart II Waltz

The Fair Is Moving On II+2 Waltz

Jacalyns Waltz II Waltz

Its Almost Tomorrow II+2 Waltz

He’s So Fine II Two Step

Footsteps II+1 Two Step

Do You Believe In Magic II+1 Two Step

Broadway Rhythm II+2 Two Step

Bing Bang Boom II Two Step

Anna Marie II Waltz

Alligator Stroll II+2 Two Step

Adelida II Two Step


Hugs to all,
Mary Nelson, Instructor and cuer
Bruce Nelson, Instructor
Fun Steps and Cue Steps Round Dance Clubs, Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta