Brownfield welcomes new Canadians!

On the weekend of Oct 22, the Brownfield Baptist Church hosted its International Big Country Weekend. The community welcomed a bus load of new Canadians from Calgary. Participants of all ages from an ESL school in Calgary were billeted in community homes and spent the weekend experiencing life in rural Alberta. The event began in 2004 as a result of learning that up to 92% of immigrants to Canada will never enter a Canadian home. Since then, the exciting weekend has occurred every two years in the fall.


The new Canadians and their hosts celebrated the weekend on Saturday evening with a supper and dance. With the help of the Prairie Sunset Dancers, it was an evening full of fun, laughter, music, and dancing, which included everything from Musical Chairs for all ages, to the Birdie Dance, to square dancing. About twelve countries and fifteen languages were represented this year, and everyone could square dance! The evening concluded with the Friendship Song and our classic square dancing finale saying “Goodnight!” to everyone in the hall. What two things could be any more appropriate for an occasion such as this?

Great idea, Brownfield! It was a great opportunity to celebrate new friendships and welcome newcomers to our country!